Faruk For Wake

Candidate For 7th District

Wake County Board of Commissioners

Faruk Okcetin

For 7th District of Wake County Board of Commissioners

It is with immeasurable pride that I announce my candidacy for the 7th District Seat of the Wake County Board of Commissioners. Bottom line, I love my community. It is a community I am so proud of, and one I want to do my part in preserving, protecting and helping to become more prosperous.

The Leadership Our County Needs

Why am I here?

There are 2 main reasons


  1. I believe I can help. I am a businessperson, and I want to take a frugal, yet creative approach to leading our County into the an even more prosperous future, using the same standards and principals I would apply to any successful business venture. 
  2. I am driven to protect and preserve the values of our community and our county and as an immigrant, I hold in the highest regard this opportunity and have tremendous pride, in being given a chance to serve in this capacity. 

I want to first thank God, my beautiful fiancé and my incredible daughter, along with my incredibly supportive friends, colleagues and family, for trusting in my abilities to help govern Wake County. 

Introducing Faruk’s Wake County PEP Plan.

A 3-Pronged plan in serving the Citizens of Wake County


We must preserve the quality of life we have all come to appreciate as Wake County Citizens.

With growth, comes the potential of losing much of what makes Wake County so unique. In pursuit of expansion, we must not forget those who call Wake County home, and why they have chosen to raise their families here. If we forget to preserve all that makes Wake County so livable, vibrant, and affordable, the quality of life for our citizens will begin to diminish. I want my daughter to be proud to raise her children here when she has her own family. 


We must find and create efficiencies in how we govern.

Raising taxes is easy for far too many politicians. As a businessman, I want to look carefully into the budget and find ways in which we can cut waste, and still ensure important services are maintained, and even expanded without further burdening our taxpayers.


It is possible to continue to grow Wake County, as long as we don’t forget to preserve the quality of life, and we look for the most efficient ways to govern.

Together, we can reign in a new era of prosperity for our County, while we work to ensure that we do not slowly turn into one of those communities in this great nation of ours, that has become far too expensive, congested, and dangerous to live in. 

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In the News

⛓️ First political candidate to put pledges on the blockchain

Faruk Okcetin is a candidate for County Commissioner in Wake County, Raleigh, North Carolina. He is now the first candidate ever to put his campaign pledges on the blockchain, so the voters easily can keep him accountable.

In this article, he is interviewed by Warp News CEO and former Member of Swedish Parliament Sweden, Mathias Sundin.

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Who is Faruk Okcetin?

I am an immigrant, who came here legally, with my family who was fighting to give my older sister a chance to survive cancer. Born to two hard-working and talented architects, I had an amazing childhood growing up on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, surrounded by a big family, friends, and community. However, it all came crashing down for us, when my sister was diagnosed with leukemia, and my parents made difficult decisions to drop everything, and with literally the clothes on our back, came to the United States, to try a series of medical procedures to save my sister. After a 3-year battle, we lost her. With great grief and anguish, my parents made the decision to start a new life for us here, and we gratefully and humbly, became US Citizens, after going through the process of becoming naturalized citizens. My parents settled in NC in the late 80s, where I attended Broughton High School, and then attended the University of North Carolina at Greensboro for my undergraduate degree in Business Administration. 

Mission & Values

Upon graduation, I jumped into the life of an entrepreneur, working in and opening businesses in a wide variety of industries, including real estate, restaurants, and technology. Having both successes and failures, I have learned what it takes to not only earn a paycheck but to also write one, having employed hundreds of people in my business tenure. I look at each and every opportunity to solve problems, serve the under-served and disrupt tired and broken systems, with great enthusiasm, and for me, to bring that into Wake County Government is no different. 

I first became involved in politics, when I had a chance meeting with Senator Bob Dole in 2008, as I discussed with him some frustrations I had with the United States political system, lack of diversity among elected officials, and failure of many elected officials to properly represent their constituents. I offered ideas on how we can do better as a Nation. He urged me to become more involved and run for office, as my ideas were good and worth pursuing. I have volunteered and helped campaigns of several elected officials, and now I have decided that I can do better as an elected public servant. 

Next to God, family is truly the most important blessing of my life. I am surrounded by a wonderful fiancé, Christine and as a father committed to raising my 7-year-old daughter with morals and with an appreciation of the greatness of our community and our Nation. 

I will go to work as your County Commissioner for District 7, and you can count on me to represent you in the most trustworthy and impactful way that I can.

What does a County Commissioner do?

Wake County Board of Commissioners: Wake County is governed by a seven-member Board of Commissioners. The Board enacts policies such as establishment of the property tax rate, regulation of land use and zoning outside municipal jurisdictions, and adoption of the annual budget. 

Source: Wakegov.com


1. I don’t live in District 7, can I still vote for you?

YES: Anyone who is registered to vote in Wake County can vote for me. 

2. Are you looking for volunteers?

YES: Our small, but growing team would greatly appreciate your help, support, and advice. 

3. What can I do to help, besides volunteering directly?

Please spread the news about our campaign and our goals. FarukForWake. Share with neighbors, colleagues, and family. 

4. How can I hear you speak?

I will be posting a series of videos, where I can better articulate my vision. However, if you would like, I can be available for meetings for groups, or phone conferences. Please just inquire and I will do my best to welcome all inquiries. 

5. Can I host a campaign fundraiser?

YES; but there are requirements. I also would rather engage my constituents with a goal of money not being the main reason for the conversation. Therefore, rather than fundraisers, I would rather have my constituents host informationals, zoom meetings, or idea sessions, rather than fundraisers. If people feel inclined to donate to the campaign, within campaign fundraising guidelines, I am grateful.

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